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Trade Capacity Building Database

Regional Trade and Economic Groups

NOTE: The following economic and trade groups are a complete listing of all member countries, not just those who received USG TCB assistance.

The TCB database can be queried by the following regional trade and economic groups:

AGOA—African Growth and Opportunity Act

AGOA website


Declared Ineligible


Andean Community

Andean Community website


APEC—Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

APEC website


ASEAN—Association of Southeast Asian Nations

ASEAN website


CAFTA-DR—Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement

CAFTA-DR website


CARICOM—The Caribbean Community

CARICOM website


COMESA—Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

COMESA website


ECOWAS—Economic Community of West African States

ECOWAS website


MERCOSUR—Southern Common Market

MERCOSUR website


SACU—Southern African Customs Union

SACU website


SADC—Southern African Development Community

SADC website


WAEMU—West African Economic and Monetary Union

WAEMU website